by LCVB staff member Dan Maxson

Are You Getting Your Vitamin ’N’ this Winter

As we reach the halfway point to our winter season, this important question comes to mind. Are you getting enough Vitamin ’N’ this winter? ’N’ is for nature! April 2016 saw the release of a book Vitamin ’N’ by Richard Louv. A nY times bestseller, Louv made the claim that mixing your day-to-day life with nature improves the lives of all in every way. He shared that merely taking a walk in the woods is epic in your health span. Here are some local spots that offer a healthy dose of Vitamin ’N’ in the winter months remaining.

Lake Metroparks (37+ properties, 9000 acres, 56 miles of trails, all safe and clean)

Chapin Forest / Pine Lodge Ski Center – One of Lake Metroparks winter crown jewels , more than six miles of trails, most groomed and one is even lit till 11pm. A ski center that has been open for 25 days this season rents snowshoes or cross country skis for a nominal fee. A family night is scheduled for February 16th from 6-9pm at Pine Lodge. Call 256-2118 daily.

Skok Meadow / Girdled Road Reservation – More than 1000 acres await visitors here with pristine views and gorgeous terrain. Groomed trails, marked snowshoe trails and a suspension bridge provide a mega-dose of ’N’ at this park. The Hosea Barn at Skok is the county’s oldest barn at 200 years and worth a stop.

Snowshoe programs at Hidden Lake (Leroy) and the Environmental Learning Center introduce outdoor enthusiasts to a Yurt, Chair Factory Falls, a Greenway Corridor as well as a new outdoor pavilion. Pop-up programs, Parks Plus programs or requested programs are offered seasonally.
Other nearby area sites of Winter interest include-
Holden Arboretum -open daily
Old Stone Schoolhouse – monthly programs
Greenway Corridor – walking access daily
Veteran’s Park – hiking trails and fishing access
Farmpark – Unique weekend programs and daily park activities

About Dan Maxson

Dan is the President of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society. He is also the local expert on Lake County lore and history.