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About Dan Maxson

Dan is the President of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society. He is also the local expert on Lake County lore and history.

Communities offer holiday events and share a small dose of local history too!

From an inaugural tree lighting ceremony in Concord Township that drew over 150 attendees to the 30,000 bulbs twinkling in shapes of Santa, snowmen, elves and more in downtown Willoughby, December is a month to get out and celebrate all that is good about the season and walk in the past history that is our

Will It Be Saved or Lost Forever?

The Sawyer House on Mentor Avenue and the Eber Howe / Drake House on Fay Road are two of Lake County’s iconic homes.  Both are extremely important to our county’s history and sadly both may be lost to a wrecking ball in 2019.   Historical preservation is no longer a valued commodity.  Collecting memories, mostly

Lake County’s Blue Blazes

August 25, 2018 saw the City of Mentor receive designation as a Buckeye Trail Town. A 12 mile stretch of roads and trails that includes Mentor Lagoons and Mentor Marsh now officially join Headlands State Park and Lake Metroparks Girdled Road Reservation, Penitentiary Glen, Chapin Forest and Greenway Corridor as ‘Blue Blazes’ sites. These two

Lake County’s Early Architect to Visit September 2018

Jonathan Goldsmith (1783-1847) arrived in Ohio in 1811. Twice apprenticed (cobbler, carpenter-joiner), a veteran of the War of 1812 and later in life an inventor/patent holder of the multiple plow, he left an indelible legacy in Lake County. Between the years of 1819-1843 he constructed over 30 homes and commercial buildings in Painesville, a handful

Great Lakes Mailbuckets

Letter conveyance was an uncertain procedure in the early days of maritime history. Extending well into our Colonial Days and beyond, emigrants, sailors and merchants often relied on acquaintances or ship’s captains for postal requirements. Captains were often the mail carrier of the day. A table at a local coffee house on the wharf often

The Abridged History of Finn Hollow

The Abridged History of Finn Hollow As time marches on and cityscapes redefine former properties, it is important to record and remember the past. Finn Hollow is one such example. Located in Fairport Harbor, it is but one of many county properties with a story to share. The Finnish population moved west around the time

Do you know your Lake County Ohio Streets?

The rest of the story a program piqued my interest some months ago. It asked the simple question ‘Bet you didn’t know?’ The topic was Lake County streetnames. In June a program was presented on this very topic at the Fairport Harbor Library. What follows is a compilation of that presentation plus additional local lore.