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Awakening my Soul

Awaken Yoga Studio

Awaken Yoga Studio

This past Monday morning marked one of the most enjoyable Monday mornings I’ve had in my career.  At precisely 9am, I walked into a warm, welcoming studio that was perfumed with natural herbs and serenaded with the most relaxing music.  I had arrived at Awaken Yoga in Mentor.

January is a month of new beginnings, resolutions, and being healthy.  In the spirit of all of those endeavors, I decided to try out a yoga class – something I have never done, but always thought could be fun.  I had tried at one point to read a book from the library and teach myself, but yoga isn’t something that can be learned from a book.  As I experienced in class, yoga is truly a social experience and best done with an encouraging teacher and supportive classmates.

We started our class with a breathing exercise, letting the world escape and focusing only on the pattern of our breaths.  As we laid on our mats, inhaling the incense and soothing music, it truly took me to a different space away from work, road rage, snow, and cold fingers.  Our instructor, Jennifer, talked us through each exercise and melted the world away from us, transporting the entire classroom to somewhere warmer, stronger, and in control.  We grew as a class into stronger individuals – both in our muscles and in our minds.

I was pleasantly surprised at how supportive the teachers and students were, putting up with my lack of flexibility and intermittent giggles.  I was told I had great natural alignment, although I will admit that there was one exercise involving my leg balanced on a wall that proved a bit difficult for my non-stretchy muscles.  For my first class, and any class after that, it was a wonderful experience and the perfect way to start off my week.

Awaken Yoga offers classes throughout the week, and not only teaches yoga, but also tai chi, reiki, and offers a variety of specialized massages and classes.  Their store offers healthy living books, take home yoga practice, clothing, candles, soaps, and beautiful hand blown glass witches balls meant to capture negativity in your home or work space.

The studio is a no-shoes space, but the warmth of the staff, visitors, and your content self after class more than warms you to the core.  The studio offers the perfect place to complete your stress free, healthy living, exercise, and new you resolutions!


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