Long Live Local

Another year has ended and we are the beginning of a new one. They pass by faster and faster, it seems. That is the great beauty of a new year. It is an invitation to us to recreate ourself. It presents an opportunity for us to remake ourself or at the least push your personal

2018 Remarkable Lake County OH Photo Wave

That’s right—the year 2018 is officially here! A new year is filled with new opportunities and adventures with the ones you so dearly love. Being able to have a fresh start is a great way to open your mind to new ideas, resolutions, joyous activities, and places. Some of those places being in our own

Fast Facts -The Girdled Road

Girdling – cutting through into sap-wood around the entire circumference of the tree causing the tree to die, making felling easier – a common pioneer and Native American practice of the era. 1797 -a route was proposed from the western Pennsylvania line to the Cuyahoga River parallel to and south of what is now Route

The Comedy “It’s Only a Play” opens at Rabbit Run Theater

Terrence McNally’s comedy “It’s Only a Play” opens at Rabbit Run Theater, Friday, June 30, and runs through July 15. Julia Budder throws a lavish party celebrating the opening of her play, The Golden Egg.  While celebrities pour in downstairs, a group of insiders stake themselves out upstairs to await the reviews.  A mixture of

Lake County’s most Instagram-ready spots

If you go on an adventure but you don’t have the pictures to prove it, did you really go on an adventure?  Luckily for you, we’ve collected Lake County’s most Instagrammable spots to ensure your photographs capture your exploration from its best angle. Where’s your favorite spot? Find us @lakecountyvisitorsbureau and use #lakecountyohio to share