by LCVB staff member Dan Maxson

Concord Township’s Schools Legacy

As Concord Township marches to its bicentennial year in 2022, it is appropriate to look back and recall its early beginnings. In 1795 The Connecticut Land Company purchased 3 million acres in what become known as The Western Reserve, an area of land extending through Pennsylvania and into Ohio. By 1798 the government allocated $2,600 to begin construction of a Girdled Road through this same 100 mile tract of lands. Settlers could now purchase land at a cost of 40 cents per acre and many did so sight unseen.

The year was 1802 and Thomas Jordan of Pennsylvania arrives in what is today known as Concord Township. A year later his family arrives and they settle in the Wilson Corners area (township hall). Concord Township is established in 1822. From this first pioneer arrival the wheels are set in motion as families and growth ensue. Highlights of Concord’s educational development are bulleted below.
Note: A Schools Reunion Event is planned for November 4th -call 440-639-4650 for details.

1812 – first schoolhouse is built, a log cabin design on the Doran Farm located at Rt. 608 & Girdled Road
1822- Little Mountain School is opened
1825- Wilson’s Corners School opened on the current Township Hall site. Burned down
1840 – On November 23 local residents plan for the Old Stone School construction on Ravenna Road. School opens in 1841
1840 – Woodruff School opens on the corner of Girdled & Auburn Roads.
1858- The Huntoon School opens – Girdled Road & Rt. 608
1858 – Judd’s Corners School opens at the corner of Williams & Painesville-Warren Roads.
1861- Stone Jug School opens – at Morley & Kellogg Road
1864- Fairgrounds School opens on Bank Street
1876- Mentor Avenue School opens
1885- Little Mountain School is replaced.
1900- Prouty Road School opens
1920- Concord Township School system is unofficially formed.
1922- Maple Point School opens – House & Morley Roads
1923- The Concord Elementary School is constructed across from Township Hall.
1925- All one-room schools close, students sent to consolidated school site
1944- Concord Township consolidated Schools merges with Painesville Township Schools (Riverside School district).
1982 – Concord Township Elementary closed forever – current Riverside Maintenance Department Building

Source- 1976 publication from Amy Rust, Marcia Rust-Backos

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