by LCVB staff member Dan Maxson

Do you know your Lake County Ohio Streets?

The rest of the story a program piqued my interest some months ago. It asked the simple question ‘Bet you didn’t know?’ The topic was Lake County streetnames. In June a program was presented on this very topic at the Fairport Harbor Library. What follows is a compilation of that presentation plus additional local lore. Bet you won’t find this on the bottle cap of any Lake County Snapple drink! Street names fall into many categories, some are very common, others unusual, some generic and others may use cardinal points or span multiple names. Numbers or trees comprise many street names. Second, Third and First are the most popular names in that order. Tree names dominate the top 100. Oak (9), Pine(11), Maple(12), Cedar(13), Elm(15) and Walnut(21) make the top 25 names nationwide. Presidents are popular as Washington(17), Lincoln(26), Jefferson(42), Wilson(44), Adams(53) and Madison(68) make the top 100. Some names become universal in time.
Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Borbon Street in New Orleans and Lombard Street in San Francisco come to mind.
Let’s look at our hometowns in Lake County and test your local street IQ!
1. This street in Fairport Harbor was named after our third Governor and a key figure in our Declaration of Independence signing- name him!
2. This Willowick street was named after a Cleveland newspaper journalist and solo sailor (Tinkerbelle). Name the street!
3. He settled in Grand River in hopes of replicating the success of the railroad as a means of early transportation. This street was named for this New York native.
4. Madison’s earliest settlers have this street named after them. Do you recall?
5. Before Painesville there existed a town named New Market (circa 1806). This street heading into Fairport from Painesville was named after this famous Captain.
6. He was a Civil War General and Transcontinental Railroad designer-builder. What Painesville street is named after him.
7. This Concord Township road was named after a tree removal process, Roman undergarment and Western Reserve / waterways initiative. The ‘DAR’ has a marker on the last vestiges of this famous roadway.
8. Located in Mentor among other communities, this road was named after a Shawnee Indian Tribe capitol. Do you know it?
9. Tolls of 10 cents were collected every ten miles on this road that crossed LeRoy, Concord and Burton in its day. Do you know the road?
10. Their initials were W.F & A.E. and their inventions of celery and onion toppers made them famous in the agriculture and market delivery business. Their road is located in nearby Madison.
Bonus: What is the reason for the street names Kirtland-Chardon Road or Euclid-Chardon
Answers- 1. Samuel H. Huntington 2. Robert Mary. 3. Thomas Richmond. 4. Hubbard Family. 5. Captain
Abraham Skinner. 6. Jack S. Casement. 7. Girdled. 8. Chillicothe Road. 9. Plank Road. 10. Vrooman
Contributing sources: Jack Daniels-History of Lake County, 1964, Lake County History Center, Vance Todd-F.H. Library

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Dan is the President of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society. He is also the local expert on Lake County lore and history.