by LCVB staff member Dan Maxson

Every Artifact Matters…

History matters. Every story counts. Every relic or image from the past matters. This has never been more relevant than in recent years. ‘Selfies’ now replace photo images of places or events. Daily newspapers are disappearing in favor of online versions. Books are now printed on demand or reduced to ‘nook’ versions. Historical homes and buildings are demolished to make way for progress. ’Apps’ have made traditional hands-on work / restorations obsolete. Scrapbooks, photo albums, signed Bibles are no longer the norm. Our past and its history are being steamrolled in oblivion and destined for a wikipedia entry.

But I am here today to share with you an example of what might be and should be foremost in every community resident’s mind. A recent resident of Lake County acquired a clock, the one pictured above many years back. It belonged to a friend and local schoolteacher. As the years passed, she has looked for a new permanent home for it as well as other items of significance. A random conversation with a Garden Club colleague led to a call to the Concord Township Old Stone School and its final home will be in the building where it was cherished most. The clock circa 1825 is wooden and still works thanks in part to its previous steward and donor. It belonged to Elga Pomeroy, one of Concord Township’s best known women. This is a brief retelling of her story.

Elga (Radcliffe) Pomeroy attended the one-room school, taught school there and after the school closed actually lived in the Old Stone Schoolhouse on Ravenna Road until her death at age 105. Her husband Lloyd purchased the schoolhouse after it closed in 1923. He served as the first school district clerk from 1923 thru 1944 as well as a self-employed farmer. The Pomeroys lived in Concord Township for 60 years. Their story / artifacts and many other local stories are on display at the Old Stone Schoolhouse which since 2006 has been a township museum. It is open to the public and by appointment. Need more information or wish to donate an artifact or photo- call 440-639-4650, check out or e-mail

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Dan is the President of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society. He is also the local expert on Lake County lore and history.