by LCVB staff member Dan Maxson

Heritage Preservation … The Hosea Brown Barn

The Hosea Brown Barn at Girdled Road Reservation in Concord Township dates back Just over 200 years. An English three bay threshing barn, it served five generations of the Brown family from 1816-1952. Hosea Brown served alongside George Washington in the Revolutionary War. Acquiring the land from the Connecticut Land Company, the site was named for his son Oliver. With abundant natural resources all around, the farmland remains today as a tribute to our Western Reserve heritage. The barn survives as one of our county’s oldest original structures. The Brown family lived on this property, in the barn, and then in the house – torn down some years back. The barn originally housed livestock, hay and thresh wheat in its hey-day. In 1953 Arthur and Gladys Buschman purchased the property. 1965 saw Lake Metroparks acquire some of the original farmlands. By 1975 the park was Lake Metroparks second largest reservation. 2002 saw the property with the barn purchased. Finally a 2008 barn restoration used nearly 70′ of the original timbers, Original beams are visible. The present foundation was built with some original giant stones. Seasonal programs and open houses provide the public with a glimpse of 1800s life. Visit for more information.

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Dan is the President of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society. He is also the local expert on Lake County lore and history.