by LCVB staff member Lake County Visitors Bureau

Just watch these guys fly at Debonne Vineyards in Madison, Ohio

Kites on the Lawn at Debonne Vineyards in Madison

Photo by Craig Lovejoy

Come see the kite guys – and kite-women and kite-children – sailing their kites over the grapevines at Debonne Vineyards this Saturday, September 22, from 1-5 p.m. Don’t let them have all the fun, though – bring your own kite and join in.

I mean, these people are serious!  If you go to the Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites photos you’ll see all kinds of kites from the simple to the amazing – but of course they are better in real 3-D, not sitting at home on your computer.

There are literally hundreds of photos, most taken by Craig Lovejoy, a kite-meister who will be at Debonne flying and taking pictures.  He plans to get in some aerial shots Saturday too.

Some of these kites are pretty darn sophisticated. But really now, all you need is a string and a kite and a tail. Since the mission of the Society is to encourage people to fly kites and have fun, as well as teach kite-flying and share ideas and techniques, they are more than willing to show you a few tricks.

Weather permitting, of course – they don’t plan on pulling any Ben Franklins. (You remember Ben, our founding father and experimenter with the kite and the key and the lightning, right?)

Kites on the Lawn will be held at Debonne Vineyards, 7743 Doty Road, Madison, Ohio 44057, which is minutes off I-90 and 45 miles northeast of Cleveland, (440) 466-3485. It’s free! Be there. Bring kite.