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Lake Metroparks Gully Brook Park now open

Lake Metroparks - Lake County, Ohio

Lake Metroparks Gully Brook Park

Gully Brook Park, in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, protects a valley, stream, wetland and forest, and now its being protected by Lake Metroparks. The newest park in the Lake Metroparks family opened August 13, but many generations before used the area known today as a protected area for something quite different. The Burroughs Nature Club began holding meetings in Northeast Ohio areas including Gully Brook Park. The group lead explorations to places with interesting plants, birds or other natural history and held discussions on like topics. Still today,the park’s unique natural features, ravines and wild places are intertwined with local history. Despite I-90 altering the layout of the original park, the area has largely been protected since the ’20s. Visitors today can enjoy more than one mile of improved trails and the chance to reconnect with nature. With Lake Metroparks now leading the efforts to improve and protect the park, it is easy to imagine the park being around for many more generations.

For more park information please visit Lake Metroparks online.

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