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Robert Bateman celebrates 30th anniversary

Robert Bateman, artist

Lake County features one of the largest artist showcases in the nation!  Gallery One in Mentor, OH is an 18,000 square foot showroom full of 30,000 limited-edition prints, original paintings, sculptures, books, collector plates, posters, and porcelain figurines.  Established in 1974, Gallery One is America’s largest art source, representing more than 1,000 nationally known artists.

On Saturday, November 10th, they will be celebrating their 30th anniversary association with a modern master, Robert Bateman.  Bateman was born in Canada, and has exhibited internationally in London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Ottawa, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and many other locations.  In addition, Prince Charles and the late Princess Grace of Monaco both feature his work in their private collections.  He won the Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Medal in 1977 and the Member of Honour Award for the World Wildlife Fund in 1985 among numerous other awards throughout his career.  He has started three schools, written numerous books, been featured in over 10 films, and is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy for the Arts.

Robert Bateman’s first one-man show in the United States took place in 1982 at Gallery One.  Although Bob was a newcomer to the states, visitors ignored blizzard conditions to greet him with enthusiasm and warmth.  In the decades that have followed, Bob has become the natural world’s spokesman through his words, his deeds, and his ability to paint.  Today at 82, Bob continues his lifelong dedication to environmental preservation and conservation education.

I can’t conceive of anything  being more varied and rich and handsome than the planet Earth.  And its crowning beauty is the natural world.  I want to soak it up, to understand it as well as I can, and to absorb it…and then I’d like to put it together and express it in my painting.  This is the way I want to dedicate my life. – Robert Bateman

Come and visit him on November 10th as he celebrates his 30 year long association with Gallery One – the leading source for Bateman’s paintings.


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