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Skulls in Pop Art

Michael Nekic skeleton walkJoin Lakeland Community College in their art gallery on October 24th for an artist reception and costume party celebrating their “The Skull and Skeleton in Art III” show going on now through November 8th.

What started as an exhibition featuring 18 artists in 2009, grew to 55 artists in 2011 and this year boasts 64 national, local and regional artists, (from Northeast Ohio, and North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and California), exhibiting 305 works in a variety of media including: Oil/ Acrylic/Encaustic Painting, Textiles/Fiber, Printmaking, Drawing, Photography, Digital Art, Sculpture, Glass, Wood, Ceramics and Ceramic Sculpture, Mixed Media, Assemblage Art and Jewelry.

Dia de los Muertos, invites the participant to acknowledge the fact that death is a constant companion from birth, an accepted friend to be joked and played with, perhaps because of the ironic foreknowledge of the fatal reality.
What was once reserved as a quasi logo for pirates and poison labels, skulls have taken over America’s pop culture. This timely exhibit happens to not only coincide with the traditional use of skulls and skeletons for Halloween, but also with Hispanic Heritage Month (September 16 – October 15). Latin America artists were creating Mexican skull art for the “Day of the Dead” – El dia de los Muertos traditionally celebrated on November 2 – long before heavy metal bands used skulls on album artwork and fashion designers emblazoned their textiles.

“There are a few familiar faces, some new ones too. A few artists who had never worked with skulls or skeletons in their compositions took my challenge and created some incredible artworks. The artist reception and costume party coincides with Lakeland’s annual Halloween party, so the campus will be crawling with folks of all ages in costumes.  Skull and skeleton-themed items such as T-shirts, jewelry, greeting cards and folk art items will be on sale at the Boneyard Market from 6 – 9 p.m. that same evening… a pop up shop,” said Mary Urbas, exhibit curator.

Experience a Celebration of the Art and Culture of Mexico.  An ofrenda (temporary altar) will be created by the Urban Community School 8th Grade Art Club to honor the memories of departed relatives and friends. All are welcome to join us to meet the artists, and to enjoy light refreshments. Guests are encouraged to come in costume.
Gallery Hours: Mon- Fri 9 AM – 9 PM, Sat & Sun 9 AM – 5 PM
This event, and all Gallery exhibitions are free and open to the public.


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