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Can’t Miss Events…includes Ghosts at the Lighthouse

Two upcoming lighthouse events are on the calendar in the near future. Both offer a unique glimpse into the history of the Grand River Sentinel at Fairport Harbor. Both fundraisers are adult only events and both examine portions of its history that dated from 1825-1925.

August 2015 Coastal Gazette

In This Issue: Vintage Ohio Wine Festival, The 159th Annual Lake County Fair, Art in the Park and much, much more..

Volunteerism in 2015

Every January people all around the world make New Year’s resolutions. It is no surprise that these New Year’s resolutions are not always effective. We make too many, or we don’t think them through or prepare for them very well. They often don’t have roots. As 2015 unfolds I am here to share my annual

Remarkable Lake County – A Haunting We Will Go

It’s that spooky time of the year when ‘Jack Tales’ and other phantoms go bump in the night.  Lantern Tours, ghost walks, and paranormal tales only serve to magnify the sound of rustling leaves, the rasping sounds among the branches and the lurking shadows among the darkening nights under an October harvest moon.  Lake County

I’m just a Steward

Yes, technically I OWN the Fairport Harbor West Lighthouse. It was a long and grueling government auction process followed by what seemed like endless paperwork before I was able to sign my name on the official document of ownership. However, I don’t consider myself the owner, but rather just another steward in a long line

Moving Furniture by Boat at Lighthouse

Renovating any home presents a certain set of challenges ranging from selecting the proper tradesmen to choosing finishes and furniture.  Most homeowners will hire professionals for all or part of the work based on needing their unique skills and expertise.  But sometimes homes come with additional obstacles such as a steep driveway or close neighbors,