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February 2017 Coastal Gazette

In This Issue: Quilts 2017 at Farmpark, Doc Howard’s Distillery Now Open, Valentine’s Day Dinners and more…

February 2015 Coastal Gazette

In This Issue: Quilts 2015 at Farmpark… Meet the Mormons (film)… Valentine’s Day Dinner at Grand River Cellars… Lunch at Sky: Garfield and Lincoln… Maple Sugaring at Farmpark and more

Roses are the Sweetheart of the Garden

Valentine’s best loved flower is the rose, a symbol of love for all time. Times have changed however…. flower shops have closed down, grocery stores are selling month old roses at the register and we’ve all seen the ads online for FTD. Gone are the days of men spending $75 for a dozen of these

Bistro 70

Named for its location at 70 North St. Clair Avenue in historic downtown Painesville, Bistro 70 is located in what was once a 1940’s Nash Rambler dealership. No remnant of the hard-selling car salesmen remain, replaced by a warm, inviting atmosphere. My husband and I chose this place to celebrate our recent wedding anniversary.