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Wanted Historic Lake County photographs

Walking through Fairport Harbor

Walking through Fairport Harbor

The Times Are Changing!  We Are At A Crossroads!  We Are At A Turning Point!  A while back our local historical society got on the band-wagon and joined the social media network in hopes that we might reach a larger and emerging audience.  By embracing these new medias we hope to help today’s generation to rediscover otherwise forgotten histories and events.

I have always believed that historic photographs can enhance written history and in many ways tell more of a story.  I have thought this since I was a young person who loved to examine old photographs of classic baseball parks.  It seemed that the photograph brought the written word or caption to life.  However, in today’s society it is of increasing concern to me that fewer and fewer people read newspapers, magazines, and books.  I noticed it in my classroom.  I see it today with e-readers, instant messaging,  the WWW, and tablet apps.  While there is nothing wrong with this on the surface, it does bring me back to my original premise.  Times are changing and much like Robert Frost’s Two Roads Diverging…, we need to remember the Road Less Traveled.

We need to search and locate our albums and photo collections for old pictures of Lake County and its early histories.  We need to gather and preserve these iconic images in our libraries of history – the museums and societies of the Historic Lake County Alliance.  These societies, many of which are volunteer based continue their monumental task of preserving the photographs, artifacts, and images of our county’s past.  It is incumbent upon all of us to share in this mission.  Those of you on Facebook, when you see a historical photo, click the share icon.  If you are in possession of a unique or old photo – donate it or send a copy of it to your local community historical society.  Use modern technology to rediscover, reconnect, or report on the past.  Historical Societies face enormous challenges.  Most have modest budgets, no dedicated revenue streams, and are dependent on the generosity of those they serve.

2012 saw Chardon and Fairport Harbor celebrate their bicentennial years.  2013 marks Mentor’s 50th Anniversary.  Send your historic photos, or better yet drop off your photos to those charged with passing down that which was passed down to them.  If you travel down that road – it will make all the difference.

About Dan Maxson

Dan is the President of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society. He is also the local expert on Lake County lore and history.

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