by LCVB staff member Dan Maxson

You May Be From Lake County IF…Part IV Final Installment

This challenge began in November 2016 and continued in January and March 2017. Today’s County ‘Potpourri’ is the final installment in the series. The challenge remains the same – to test  your General County ‘IQ.’ Good Luck!

1. This famous Painesville Home had Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley and Susan B. Anthony
as guests. Name the house or the famous America couple who resided there.

2. Frederick Burr Oper was a pioneer in establishing comics in the U.S. newspaper industry.
He spent over six decades as a political cartoonist as well as a regular comic strip
contributor. He hailed from what Lake County community?

3. This Lake Metropark property is a National Historic Site and once was home to Charles
Lyman pre WWI military style camps and a Kaleva Lodge. It is located on Seeley Road.

4. The last remaining structure from the Little Mountain House Era circa 1835-1925 is located
on Baldwin Rd. Can you name it?

5. The Johnnycake Ridge Road story dates back to Beneath Jones from the Revolutionary
War Era and a visit by Tobias Williams in 1818 to this famous site on the corner of Rt. 84
east and Rt. 44 south. Name this stagecoach stop and tavern?

6. Thomas Harvey High School had two famous women aviatrix. One lived in Painesville, the
other lives in Concord Township. Both are inducted in the Women’s Aerospace Hall of Fame.
Can you name either one?

7. The Fresh Air Camps of the mid-1900’s call Lake County their home. One local camp was in
operation until 1997. This camp was located at the current Lake Metropark Environmental
Learning Center site. Do you recall the name of this Methodist Camp?

8. Celebrating its 92nd birthday this coming June, this navigational aide and current private
residence is located just off the Headlands State Park Beach near the dunes. Do you know its
official name?

9. This Madison structure was a seminary, Civil War Infirmary, asylum, and county office in its
lifetime. Can you name this Middle Ridge Road site?

10. This famous businessman started the Painesville Telegraph in 1822, was a noted
abolitionist, mill owner, Mormonism critic and termed the phrase ‘bogus’ in the dictionary. Can you name him?

About Dan Maxson

Dan is the President of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society. He is also the local expert on Lake County lore and history.