by LCVB staff member Dan Maxson

You Might Be From Lake County If…Part III

The third installment of this series continues the challenge issued last November and continued this past January. That challenge was and remains to test your general ‘County IQ’. Part III examines the businesses, organizations and famous names that still dot our county memories. The fourth and final installment will appear in May 2017.

1. Frank Shankland (1916) and C.M. Shipman (1919) were the first two presidents of this famous nature and garden club founded in Willoughby. The club was named after the noted naturalist and author. Name the club.

2. Thomas ‘Black Jack’ McGinty built a club in Willoughby Hills during the 1930s and 40s. This illegal club featured gambling and alcohol and was part of Cleveland’s organized crime group.
Modern day people know the place as LaVera Party Center. What was its original name?

3. After working for Stores and Harrison, this father-son nursery business got its start on a 1/4 acre lot in Painesville. In 1962 their business moved to Perry growing to over 1000 acres.
Name the family or celebrated nursery.

4. Located in Willoughby this store boasted ‘everything from little wooden toothpicks to heavy lumber wagons.’ Name this famous turn of the century grocery store.

5. Commercial fishing on Lake Erie includes herring, pike, walleye, sturgeon, perch and more. By 1910 major fishing companies lined the Grand River and the village of the same name. Can
you name any one of the four major fishing companies that were located there prior to 1967?

6. Charles Avery bought The Little Mountain House changed its name to The Lakeview House and replaced the original 1831 building with a new hotel in 1900. Name this Little Mountain
Hotel that was located in Concord Township.

7. This car company was started by A.R. Marsh in 1913 in Painesville. Two years later the Erie Car Company was a county memory. Name the famous car produced in our county.

8. Located on Ben Hur Drive in Willoughby, this former automobile plant was used during the WWI era as a secret development site for poison gas. Name the company…

9. In 1911 the building of this company site made Fairport Harbor and Painesville the epicenter of a chemical corridor that stretched from Toledo to upstate New York and remained so thru
1976. Name this famous county plant.

10. A.E. Vrooman was raised on Dock Road in Madison. His patented topper was fabricated in Painesville and made

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Dan is the President of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society. He is also the local expert on Lake County lore and history.

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